ways to install flagstone patios

The two biggest ways to install flagstone patios are using sand or concrete.

We revisited a job recently where we laid, five years ago, part of the flagstone patio in sand and the other part in concrete.

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In order to help you decide whether to lay your flagstone patio in sand or concrete, you might want to take a look at the flagstone pictures below.

flagstone picture 1

You can obviously see the difference between the two after a few years.

Neither one is better! It is just a matter of preference.

flagstone in sand

The flagstone laid in sand has grass and other things grow through the joints. In sand, the flagstone will settle in different spots. You never know where the settling will take place.

flagstone patio

In concrete, the patio will stay even and nothing will grow between the joints.

In concrete, you might get cracks in the joints if there is settling underneath.

I thought these photos might give you an idea of what you could expect from your patio in a few years.

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