water damage to flagstone

by Mike
(Tempe Arizona)

I have heard different opinions as to weather one should seal flagstone. My flagstone is weathering after several years because of water and I am inclined to seal it but I have also heard that sealing it keeps it from breathing and may make the water/weathering worse? Can you give me your advice on this?

Mike Lopercio
Tempe Arizona

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seal it
by: David

Dear Mary,

You need to seal that flagstone. You should also call Prosoco and find the right solution for your stone.

Great luck!

normal weathering?
by: Mary

Our flagstone bar is weathering after only 2 months! Is that normal or did I get a "bad" piece? It has turned gray and is washing away in the rain. I'm afraid if I let it go there won't be anything to seal. Please help!

Get a good sealer
by: David

Dear Mike,

You just need to get a good sealer. My dad has be using Siloxane from Prosoco for years and has had great luck.

You can find out where to get it by calling 1-800-255-4255.

Take care!

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