Wanted... 8000 SF of multi coloured Flagstone

by Toni
(Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)

I must interlock approximately 8000-10,000 SF around my home. I am willing to pay maximum 2.00/SF for the Flagstone. If you know where I can get overstock or discontinued stone at a bargain price (approx. $1.00/SF) let me know.


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e mail
by: javier diego

sorry i forgot to give you an e mail

by: javier diego

where do you need the stone, im in del rio tx
and i have4 diferent colors of flagstone
let me now so i can quote freigth

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Wanted... 8000 SF of Flagstone
by: Toni

I am located in Vaughan, Ontario Canada.
Nowhere near Texas.

2.00 sq. foot flag
by: Bartsrock@gmail.com

Did u say that you r in Texas? Where at? Email the info I will how I can help. Where u r located makes a big difference.

flagstone prices
by: Richard

$1.00 p/sq.ft. is a very tall order for quality flagstone. Especially when you have to consider freight to wherever it's going. Normally the thicker flagstone is least expensive.

You will just have to hunt and peck for a quarry at that price. Surely there is someone out there that will sell at that price if you furnish the transportation. I know in Texas you can find stone at $30.00 - $50.00 p/ton. I'm sure of the quality or the sizes involved. Oh, by the way, when you find someone please post it on this webpage. I could use a few truck loads of it too.

Good luck

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