Type S mortar to tuck?

I bought your video and I felt like it really set me up well for the project. The stone is almost cut and I am getting ready for the mud work. The mortar on the adjacent house rock and brick work is type S mortar. I want to match this and tuck point the flagstone joints with type S. Should I use the portland I-II mortar per the video to set the stone and tuck with the type S or should I use type S for the whole project? How much water and sand should I use with an 80# bag of type S mortar?


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type s mortar for flagstone
by: David

Thanks for the compliment on the video. That really makes my dad glad to be able to help people out.

My dad doesn't like to use mortar with flagstone, either under or in the joints. There's too much lime that could cause efflorescence (white blotches).

I know you want to match it with the brick, but keep in mind, that the sun will cause the joints to fade over time. Therefore, the matching will change.

I remember a long time ago he used mortar on flagstone and had problems with freezing, so it's best to use Portland type I-II.

For an 80 pound bag, we use about 18 shovels of sand and about 4 gallons of water. Just try to make it the consistency that we show in the video.

Great luck with your project!


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