Tree sap on Crab Orchard flagstone


I just had two Bradford Pear trees taken out, and now reddish-brown sap stains are all over my Crab Orchard flagstone patio and concrete driveway. I tried Dawn, then baking soda and hot water, with lots of scrubbing, but the stains aren't budging. The patio is only two months old and hasn't been sealed yet. Do you have any advice or recommendations for removing these awful stains? Thanks so much!

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cure for sap stained stone/slate NEW
by: ellie

Same issue here with tree gop that permeated the stone - Nothing removed it - NOTHING - THEN - poured Clorox clean up on the stones - let it sit for 3 minutes - then added KABOOM mildew mold cleaner and scrubbed the crap out of the stones with a HUGE Maintenance hard brushed broom - Stones are perfect !

blood like tile stains NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know if this will work for you but I recently had an my front entrance landing covered some kind of natural stone. The installer had sealed the tile prior to grouting but did not reseal the tile after grouting. I cut down a few bradford pear branches which fell on the tile and caused the same blood like stains.
After trying several solvents to no avail I applied 100% household bleach to the stains with a stiff toothbrush, scrubbed the stains to work the bleach in and then let the bleach sit for 5-10 minutes. I then wiped the area with a clean wet cloth. This removed virtually all of the "blood" stains.

Owner/D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

If your stone is flaking and peeling then you have some major issues and short of pressure washing to the next level of stone or grinding to the next level, you will have to replace the stone. If I can be of any assistance , please let me know. or call me at 803-391-8125.

Still Trying
by: Zoey

Hi Don--

Thank you for your response! We did try muriatic acid on one small corner of the patio to see if it would work. Apparently, the stain has permeated the stone, and so far, nothing is taking it out. We're seeing flaking with anything abrasive. I have never seen anything like this bradford pear stain. We've had the fruit drop on concrete for years, but we've never had anything that wouldn't wash off with a good rain. Thanks again for all the help. We'll try anything!

Owner D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

Have you tried Muriatic Acid, this may work; if not then you will probably need to replace your stone. Once a liquid permeate's the stone it is hard to remove.

by: Anonymous

BTW, we did call Prosoco and tried BioWash, as recommended. BioWash did a great job cleaning the patio and took out everything but that awful red "bleeding." The Prosoco rep said that those stains might fade somewhat in a week or two, so if we see a difference, I'll report back. I hope that maybe this will help someone else. Thanks again!

No Good Solution
by: Anonymous

Hi David--

Thanks for the response! This is what we have found-- nothing is getting out these stains. It looks like blood splatter on 80% of the patio, deck and driveway. The stone mason has voided his warranty, we cannot seal the patio and we will have to strip and refinish the deck. This is about a $15,000 mistake on the tree trimmer's part, so unfortunately, our solution is to hire a good lawyer and ask that the patio, deck and driveway be replaced and restored-- all of which could have been avoided with $20 worth of tarp. If anybody has any suggestions, please let us know. We don't want a legal battle; we just want our brand new patio back.

by: David

I'm sorry to hear that about your new patio.

Flagstone is porous and soaks up some dirt. Sap can really get down into the stone. It will be really hard to get out if at all possible.

You should call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and see if they have a solution to your problem.

I know my dad has tried that in the past and I don't think he had any luck. Call Prosoco. They are the "cleaning experts" and hopefully they'll have the right chemical for you.

Great luck and if you get a solution to the problem, I would love to hear what you did.


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