treasure trove of beautiful stone!

by Donna
(Pike Creek area, PA)


Selling stone from my property by the palette or by the stone for those who need only a little.

A couple decades ago my husband and I purchased a piece of property on which we built our retirement home. At one time, when I was a child it was farmland. Before and during the time we were building our home neighbors and strangers came and took parts of our wall and finally what was was left just collapsed. It originally extended about 100 feet from the pond to the width of the property, but in order to take pictures I would have to harvest the stone which in parts is covered with foliage and dead branches and I no longer have the necessary I was only able to include 2 photos. In spots the piles of stone are about 5 feet deep and there are a variety of sizes from boulder to paver size.

If you need stone please email me ASAP, I am moving.


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