Toronto Flagstone Pricing

I am a stone mason fron the Toronto area I work for a large company and think its time to go on my own.What is the pricing criteria you use.

Thanks Jason

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Owner/ D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

Jason, I deal with several stone mason's in the Southeastern part of the US and they charge between 10 and 13 dollars per sq. ft., I also, wish you luck in your endeavor

from Ms.zaheri to a friend
by: Anonymous


How are you?
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$10 a square foot
by: David

Dear Jason,

Great luck with your new business. My dad went solo (Although my brother and I had to help him.) in about 1965 and was able to support a wife and four kids with his income.

He charges about $10 a square foot for labor of flagstone. We live in the Denver area, so the charges might be different in Toronto.

You should talk to some local stoneyards and see what they recommend.

Take care,


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