To seal or not to seal....

by Lisa


I don't know if you can help me, but I sure am hoping so. We put in a pond 6 months ago and purchased a palate of 2" flagstone to go around the pond. About half of the flagstone had the pond liner underneath and about half just had soil underneath. Nearly all of the flagstone we used had horrible flaking and layers chipping off. Many even split down the center. They started doing this shortly after we got them. When we contacted the stone company we purchased it from they said that moisture would cause flagstone to do that. I guess I assumed that since it's a rock and comes from outside it would withstand some rain, plus we have natural fall where we installed them. So is this true? Should we have installed them differently....or installed a different rock altogether? It's coming time to clean the pond so we're going to redo the lay of the land surrounding it and contemplated getting more flagstone to replace the broken ones. We really like the "wet look" we've seen in pictures, but I noticed you guys don't recommend that either. The other thing I wondered about is cleaning the rocks before sealing. Is that necessary? Is sealing necessary? And if we want the wet look is that an okay option? Nothing is going to be cemented into anything, nothing is going to be grouted. If we do seal them, do we need to seal the entire rock or just the top? I guess I'm not understanding whether cleaning and sealing are protective measures or cosmetic ones. Hmmm.. We also have river rock that looks beautiful when wet so we had hoped to seal that with something that would give it the wet look as well. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. We haven't seemed to be able to get any kind of helpful answers from anyone else. Your site looks amazing!!

Thanks in advance!

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flaking happens a lot
by: David

Dear Lisa,

The chemicals in ponds can cause flaking. You have to seal the stone with a quality sealer and some times that doesn't always works.

The type of stone can have an effect. My dad has received flagstone that started peeling fairly quickly, so before you buy any more, shop around at some different stoneyards to see if they have better stone for your ponds.

We just learned about a quality sealer that can give you the "wet look." Check out the article below:

You should also call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and ask their opinion about sealing your stone. They make the sealers that my dad has used for decades and he's had great luck with their products.

You should also read this question at this page:

It relates to your question and there's a sealer from:

that might be able to help you out. We've never used it, so we can't recommend it.

Great luck with your project!!


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