Tennesse Red Flagstone

by Annetta Greene
(Durham, NC)


I need help!! I had a walkway and patio installed by a contractor with
Tennesse Red Flagstone last spring 2010 - my problem is with the mortar
a combination of sand and sakrette mixture. The sand is actually
separating from the sakrette so it seems as if the materials did not
bond together. The mortar is basically sand instead of an hard concrete.

Is their any type of solution I can apply to keep the stone and
mortar in tack. Also would like to apply a sealant because the stone
is actually chipping and faking please recommend what's the best
product for this stone type.

The contractor was let go I was very displeased with the outcome of the project, I hired a masonry to finish the border with bricks the workmanship was great but the flagstone is in terrible shape please provided any assistance or information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Annetta Greene

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Owner D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

I totally agree with David, but another option would be to use Type S mix; since you are already using sand. When you say you used Tennessee Red Flagstone, is this a varigated color of the Crab Orchard flagstone.

that's too bad
by: David

Dear Annetta,

It sounds like your contractor used cheap cement.

Your need to cut out the joints that are bad and replace it with Portland Type II cement with masonry sand.

Check out these free video here to see how we do it:


The first video will show you how we cut it out.


The second video about 5 minutes in will show you how to mix the mortar, so that you get good joints.

If the stone are popping up, then you'll need to replace the mortar underneath the stone.

You also want to put a good sealer on your stone. We use Siloxane made by Prosoco. You can call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 to get details on the best sealer and where you can buy it.

Great luck with your project!


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