Square flagstone on pre existing concrete

by sandi
(northern virginia)

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am attemtpting to convince

my husband that we can lay our own flagstone. We have a rough pebble/concrete
surface which as be in place for years. Question: Do we need to put
concrete mortar under each flagstone, then grout with same after setting?
Am I correct to assume this is the only way to avoid uneven movement?

And lastly, does anyone have a great flagstone source in Northern Virginia?

Look forward to your comments. Sandi

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It depends what you want
by: David

Hi Sandi,

You can lay flagstone in either sand or concrete. You can lay both ways and the stone won't shift, but sand will change over time.

Check out this page to see the difference:


You probably want to read how to do each. For sand go here:


for concrete go here:


There are also more articles here:


With the articles and videos, you should get an idea about whether you want to do it. Many people have done it themselves with the tutorials from this site.

I don't know anybody in Northern Virginia, but I'm sure the yellow pages can help you out.

Great luck with your project!!


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