splotchy mortar color

by Janice
(Greenville, SC)

We had a pennsylvania standing blue stone placed on our porch floor. The stone mason placed the stone and mortar and the floor looked great. They then cleaned the floor with a cleaner. After the cleaning, the mortar appeared to be flaking sand and the color of the mortar was lightened in some spots but not in others. The mortar now looks very porous and splotchy. Is there anyway to stain or correct the coloring of the mortar? What would you suggest be done?


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bad sealer
by: David

Dear Janice,

It sounds like your mason used a bad sealer. It probably has urethane in it and that traps the moisture. When the moisture evaporates, it causes the splotches that you see.

You will definitely have to strip that sealer and apply a better one.

I suggest you call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and see if they have a good chemical solution to your probelm. I'm not sure if you'll be able to remove the blotches. Hopefully they have a chemical that will help remedy your situation.

Great luck!


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