slate patio grout cracking problem?

Could I be just too picky? I don't do cement work and don't know but in between the stones I can see lots of hairline cracks, the guy doing the job says it is normal for the hairline cracks, do you know of this problem or is it even a problem. I don't want to be a problem unless i know about the cracking on a job like this??? Thank You very much in advance for your time with my question,

Don in Huntington Beach California

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you should be ok
by: David

That happens with traditional cement. Many jobs my dad did had small hairline cracks and the pads we laid down lasted decades. (We saw a patio we did over 15 years ago and it was still in good shape.)

You just need to make sure you apply a good sealer like the products from Prosoco.

If it does become a problem, there is a non-shrink cement that could be applied to the joints. However, I think you should be ok.

Take care,


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