Side Yard Flagstone Patio

by Denise A.
(Pocono Moutains, East Stroudsburg, PA, USA)

Start of Flagstone Patio

Start of Flagstone Patio

This is the start of spring project. I wanted something more natural as I live in Pocono Mountain Region of Pennsylvania. I wanted something that was going to be cost effective yet improve the value and quality of our home with great functionbility.

The natural landscape of our yard is in the middle of a forest where flagstone is just popping up out of the ground all over the place so I decided to dig up the large pieces of the flagstone and design and lay a patio.

This picture is just of the beginning of laying the flagstone. I will send you the finished project as soon as I have completed. The base is a mixture of peagravel with soil and sand. All the pieces I am using are natural straight dug out of the ground and rinsed off. No cutting. Like putting a puzzle together but worth every effort. Tools I am using are a small level, rubber mallet, small garden rake, steel file for smoothing sharp edges, shovel and digging bar. When I am finished the cracks will be filled in with a gravel and sand mixture.

Just think some people buy pallets of these around here and all over the place for hundreds of dollars and I have them all over my yard. Alot of back breaking and hard work but well worth every effort as so far I am very pleased.

Thank You for letting me share.

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A fun project to make.
by: Anonymous

That will be cool during tea parties.

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