shiny flagstone

by carole
(Orchard Park, Ny 14127)

Hi I was wondering how to make a flagstone walkway shiny? 3 years ago I tried a product that a store recommended and the flagstone turned white as well as the grout. Thanks, Carole

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shiny flagstone and the problems with it
by: David

Dear Carole,

We get that question a lot and there's really nothing that we've found that can give stone the shiny look.

Those sealers have urethane in them and they trap the moisture under the stone. When moisture is trapped, it will evaporate out the cement and cause efflorescence. Efflorescence is the white stuff from cement that will make your stone turn white.

There might be a new product out there that my dad hasn't heard about, so you could search for it.

If you do find it, test it out on a small part of your flagstone to make sure it really works and allows your stone to breathe.

Great luck with your project!


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