Sealing my flagstone walkway

by Diana Musslewhite
(Houston, TX)

I had a guy power wash my flagstone walkway and pool deck. It looked beautiful, although there were still some dark spots from algae. I have a lot of trees and we had terrible rains here in Houston. Then he bought and applied a sealer. I don't know which one. Now it looks dark and muddy. What can I do to fix this? It is a light color flagstone, like a natural color.

What I guess I need to know is how to remove the sealer that was put on there. Can you power wash it again to remove the sealer or do I need something else? I thought he knew what he was doing when he put the sealer on. He does some great work, but maybe he was afraid to tell me he didn't know how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

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sealing flagstone NEW
by: Richard

He might have known what he is doing, but he used the wrong product. We sell all kind of sealers and cleaners for concrete, flagstone, faux stone etc.

You will need a stripper to take off the sealer put down.

We carry a natural look sealer (SiloxanePD), color enhancer, then the wet look(Durasheen). Very friendly to use(DIY. Our sealers are not found in the big box stores. Commercial industrial cleaners and sealers. The company is Prosoco. We are an authorized dealer of this product. Call me 337-287-4550.

Calcasieu Stone
Sulphur, La.

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