sealer peeling off flagstone

by dave
(calgary canada)

hi there,

I have a flagstone patio that was sealed about four years ago. I want to seal it again as some of the shine has wore off. The old sealer in places is coming off and kinda looks white or clear in color. It looks like dead skin kinda. How do i clean the flagstone before i seal it again? Or can i just seal right over that old sealer that is peeling off? thanks for your time

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efflorescence on stone
by: David

Dear Dave,

It sounds like you might have some efflorescence(white blotches caused from the concrete) on your stone.

If that's the case, then you'll want to clean the stone with Sure-Klean by Prosoco. After that you'll want to seal it with a quality sealer. Prosoco can help you with that as well.

Check out our free video to see if that applies to you. You can view it here:

Prosoco's number is: 1-800-255-4255.

Great luck with your project!


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