Seal of my new Flagstone Patio!!!!!

by David
(Houston, TX)

I just had a 12 X 14 foot patio done with new Arizona Rose flagstone. The guys did a great job laying stone and I really liked the natural color. I debated to have it sealed or not and I maybe "rushed to jugement". I had them come out just 4 days after the stone was installed. ( should I have waited severl days or weeks? ) They came out and hosed the patio down to "clean it" though I did not think that was necessary. thy did not allow it to dry very well and immediately applied a sealer. Next day it looked awful, whiteish and smokey looking, etc. Not the so called natural color I wanted. The owner of company came out and agreed that something went wrong, They then applied a thick liquid to Strip the sealer out. That seemed to help but it still has a slight whiteish look to it.

Should I have waited several days or weeks before even considering a Seal in order to allow stone to dry good? Also, when it does dry I would like to reconsider a good Seal but now afraid of Seals. I really like the "Wet Look" but have read that the wrong kind of seal my not allow the stone to Breath over time.

Please advise as this is very important to me.

Thank you

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the white look
by: VG

The white clouded look on your stone came form the fact that moisture in the rock mixed with the sealer . Essentially the sealer was unable to cure properly. I have seen this happen on a concrete floor of one of my clients. Her hubby sealed it prematurely and it clouded. The answer to the problem was an application of acetone, which drew the moisture out and cleared the finish

Stone breathing
by: Anonymous

Dude, your only sealing the top, as odd as it might sound the stone will breath underneath. I'm guessing the whiteish look is because they didn't "clean" the stone and the fact is wasn't dry yet is bull@#$#. To be honest, strip it with whatever and if you can't apply the sealer yourself then get the wife to scrub it with vinigar the day before is't sealed again. Clean it yourself so you know it's done right. The sealer anyone can apply.

Wet look sealers are not good
by: David

Dear David,

We get that question a lot and my dad has never found a "wet look" sealer that works. They have urethane in it and that traps the moisture and causes efflorescence (the white blotches).

You should call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and see if they have a cleaner to remove your old sealer.

When you do put on a quality sealer, you want to let your stone dry out for a couple of weeks before you put it on.

Great luck!

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