Scratches on flagstone

I have heard it suggested to use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove scratchs from flagstone. But would it be better to remove these by using or hiring a sandblaster?

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by: Eric R. W.

yeah, I agree about the sandblaster. The thing is that it will help and make sure you turn down the pressure but it will be hard to make it even.

As the abrasive will penetrate the grooves at the same amount of the non scratched area.

-Eric from

Owner D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

If the stone is a sandstone you could use a grinder to remove the scratches,you may get a small rut, but as David said if the scratches are deep then the stone will probably have to be replaced.

it depends
by: David

It depends upon how deep the scratches are. If they're fairly deep, there's not much you could do without replacing the stone.

Sandblasting will take the stone down enough to remove the scratches, but you have to be careful about getting it even.

You should try sandpaper first and see how that goes and if you have to then try a sandblaster. Just keep in mind that a sandblaster makes a big mess.

Great luck!


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