sand or grout?

by Joe James
(Las Cruces, NM)

I'm planning a 200 sq/ft patio around our small fish pond. The plan is to use 2" stone on a sand base, but I would like to grout the stones in place, I like the look. Is this a problem or what are my options? Joe,at

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sand or grout
by: Calcasieu Stone

Great product is the polymeric sand..Another option is using sand in the joint then coming back with Prosoco Sand Joint Stabilizer. Using a washed sand fill in the joints up to the top of flagstone, then apply the joint stabilizer all over the flagstone making sure you apply a little extra in the joint. Be sure and spongee the excess stabilizer into the joints. Do not let stabilizer pool on top of flagstone. The liquid stablizer will mix with the sand in the joint and harden real well. By covering all of the flagstone with the joint stabilzer you are applying a sealer that is water repellant. A great 2 for 1 product. We've used the process on several projects and it works out great. One drawback is the joint can't be more than 1 inch wide. Keep in mind Alliance Sand with the polymeric sand will offer two types of sand depending on the width of your joint. Good luck with your project.

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Owner/D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

David is correct in suggesting the polymeric sand and it's also known as Gator Dust and if you follow the directions fully, I know it works..

polymeric sand
by: David

Dear Joe,

We've seen people fill the joints with concrete on a sand base, but the joints will eventually crack and peel out.

There is a new product called polymeric sand that many people on this site are praising. My dad has pretty much retired since it came out, so he's never used it.

However, I've heard enough experts in the field say it's great.

You can check it out here:

Great luck with your project!

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