Salt Water pools and Flagstone.

I have been asked this question a few times on Salt Water Pools and Flagstone. Would just sealing the flag be enough protection to keep the flagstone safe from erosion and such and I know for salt water aquariums you do a test with the rocks to see if will affect anything.I am sure it will be o.k. Not sure though.

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Flagstone and Saltwater Pools NEW
by: Bruce Miller

We have really good success with stopping the erosion of flagstone coping installed with a salt water pool. We use DuPont Saltwater Resistant sealer, its not cheap the sealer cost over $200.00 per gallon, most pools require 2-3 gallons.

Give us a call if you want us to clean and it, we have four offices in Texas, the toll free number is 888-275-5354.

Texas Stone Sealer

call prosoco
by: David

Prosoco makes a product called Salt Guard that might be the right solution for your problem, but you need to call them first. They're the experts in that domain and they should be able to help you out the most.

Their number is 1-800-255-4255.

Great luck!

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