by Ryan
(New York)

I currently am in the market to sell a fairly large quantity of flagstone. I have red, blue, and grey. I am fairly new to this type of transaction so i will try and do my best nswering any questions you may have. half of the stone i am looking to sell is approximately 1 1/2" thick and regualarly shaped. This stone will cover an area of approximately 500 square feet and posssibly more (laid out for a patio for instance). I also have a load of flagstone that would be appropriate for a stone wall and it is more irregularly shaped and the vast majority of it is grey. I am located in New York and do have the capability of delivering. As previously mentioned i am fairly new to this market so the potential buyer can name the price and then we can go from there.

I can be contacted by phone at 315-730-9044
or e-mailed at

Thank you,


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Looking for flagstone for patio
by: Vinny

Hi! Saw your post..I have about 600 sq. ft. that I'd like to do in flagstone...I'm in Poughkeepsie, NY area..can you call me at 845-625-9159 as I'm pricing out flagstone from a retailer locally..thanks!


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