by Richard
(Hudson, WI)

We are restoring a barn in Baraboo, WI and it has concrete block foundation. The exterior would look better if it were stone instead of block. The split veneer fieldstone would be very sharp. Can we affix the veneer of split fieldstone to the exterior painted block surface? If do we attach? We probably need to cover 400 sq. ft.

Richard Kurtz
305-407-6707 cell

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metal lathe
by: David

Dear Richard,

I'll have to ask my dad about his suggestion and I won't see him for about a week, so I'll get you a better answer then.

However, I know you could do it by ram-setting a metal lathe to the wall. The metal lathe will bind and help hold together your stone and the concrete wall.

I'll comment more later.

Take care,


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