Repairing Flag

by John
(Toronto, Canada)


I have a property I just took over maintenance on and there are numerous flagstone patios, some to the joints are cracked and some stones are loose, I'm in the process of resetting and pointing some of the worse stones and joints.

The patios have never been sealed and some of the joints are cracked or cracking.

From reading your site I assume I should fix the cracked joints and loose stones and seal all the patios, does that sound about right to you?

Best Regards,
John Clifford

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just rinse off
by: David

Hi John,

You probably don't need to power wash it unless it's real dirty. We usually rinse the stone off with a hose and then seal it.

Take care,


Follow Up Question
by: John

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply, I've been using a grinder with a diamond wheel to to take out the joints as it's laid in a random pattern.

Anyways, before I seal it how would you recommend cleaning it? with power washer?

Thanks again,

pretty much right
by: David

Dear John,

You got it about right. Here are some links to free videos that should help you out:

Just copy and paste the addresses in your browser address bar.

This one will show you how to lay the new stone:

When you take out the stone, make sure you take out any loose concrete or debris and make it level with the existing stone.

Keep in mind that your joints won't completely match with the new cement, but it will blend in over time when it gets weathered.

And make sure you seal it after you are done. Call Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 to find out where to get a quality sealer in your area.

I hope this info helps you out!

Great luck!!


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