We sealed our flagstone patio yesterday and now some areas have white patches on the stones. It can be removed by scrubbing with a steel brush but we don't know if this will damage the stone. Any ideas what to do about this?

Thank you very much


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bio klean
by: David

Dear Anonymous,

You need to contact Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and ask them for the best product for your situation.

You have efflorescence and they have products that will remove that.

Check out our free video about how we removed it.

Great luck!


Cloudy Flagstone
by: Anonymous

I have read questions with regards to removining the cloudy affect over flagstone, but still don't see answers on exactly how to accomplish this. Our entire flagstone patio has a cloudy look, especially when it has rain that sits on it for quite some time. It appears to be peeling off, but at this rate it will take 20yrs for it to do it on it's own. How can I remove this myslef. I called someone to do this for me and they wanted $2500! They said it was sealer that had trapped water. We are just sick! We paid a fortune for this outdoor patio. Also, what does it mean when they say to be careful with products on your stone. That you might "burn" it??


bad flagstone sealer?
by: David

It sounds like your sealer has urethane in it. Urethane will trap the moisture under your stone which causes efflorescence. (The white spots to pop out.)

Check to make sure your sealer has that or not.

You can use a steel brush to take it off. We use a steel brush to take off concrete blotches some times.

HOWEVER, before you do your whole patio, try it in an obscure spot to make sure that it doesn't ruin your stone. You might have a stone that we've never worked with before and it could damage your stone.

You should also contact Prosoco at 1-800-255-4255 and explain your situation. They'll get you a good sealer and they might have a chemical solution for your problem.

Great luck!!

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