question re calculating the fall / q re sand v portland / tucking in sand

by E.N. Nospone
(New York)

Dear Hans and Craig,

Thanks for your well-done 1.5 hr video on installing a stone patio; I have watched it with interest. Please forgive what might be simplistic questions, but here goes:

1. One question that appears unanswered is how to calculate the fall. On your sample patio, near the house, the figure is 4'7'', and at the far patio edge it is 4'10, but unless I missed it, I didn't see how those 2 figures were calculated. Where did you start measuring the 4'7 from? I assume that 0" line is parallel to the ground somehow, but where? In the air?

2. Do you have any videos for laying in sand? I know you referred to sand throughout this one on Portland, but without video, the process is harder tom imagine. With sand, what is used to tuck the stones one to the other? Just sand? (I realize that I will need reinforcing edging on the outside...); also, no sealer with sand?

3. Also, any pointers on when to use sand and when not? Any contexts better for either? (I live in northeast, where winters can get cold and icy.)

Thanks, Ted

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