First of all thank you for this very informative website. We are thinking to do about 1000 sq.ft backyard with flag stone. My question is:
What kind of tool/equipment do I need to remove the soil ? I read somewhere, at least I need to remove 4-5 inches thick of the soil/ground. For 1000 sq.ft, that will be a lot of soil.

Then where usually people dump this soil (that they removed) to ?

Ontario, Canada

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a lot of work
by: David

Dear E.McCarron,

Thanks for the compliment. My dad is very glad that his knowledge can help a lot of people.

1000 sq. feet is a lot of work. The landscape companies that we know who lay stone in sand use a Bobcat bulldozer. They can go through and scrape out 5 inches of earth in a short amount of time. They then have to haul the dirt of with trucks and trailers.

You could do it with shovels, but it will be a lot of work.

If you do rent a Bobcat, you can also use it to haul in the sand, if you're going to lay the stone in sand.

I hope that helps you out.

Great luck and if you do lay down 1000 square feet, we would love to see pictures. I'll put it in out newsletter and over 1000 people would see it.

Take care,


P.S. You can send pictures here:

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