Please look at our stone

by Ms.Zaheri

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are Iranian manufacturer, these are our new products, please take a look at them, thank you:

1-White Marble1 210*165*2cm with polishing quality88 is 25USD
2-White Marble2 190*150*2cm with polishing quality93 is 32USD
3-Grapey Onyx 170*160*2cm with polishing quality103 is 180USD
4-White Onyx1 2.90*1.80*2cm with polishing quality107 is250USD
5-Pure green Onyx 190*105*2cm with polishing quality104 is250USD
6-White Onyx 290*110*2cm with polishing quality102 is200USD
7-Yellow Conglomirate 215*155*2cm with polishing quality97 is 30USD
8-Red Conglomirate 260*175*2cm with polishing quality96 is33USD
9-Beige Travertine1 280*160*2cm with polishing quality87 is24USD
10-Chocolate Travertine1 275*140*2cm with polishing quality89 is30USD
11-Silver Travertine a 170*160*2cm with polishing quality85 is 35USD
12-Silver Travertines1,2&3 275*130*2cm are 31USD
13-Pure green Onyx2 250*180*2cm with polishing quality 105 is 300USD
14-White Marble3 275*175*2cm with polishing quality93 is 35USD

Please contact me via my own Email for more pictures.
We are producing kinds of these stones regularly.

I wish we can have cooperation with each other in the near future.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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by: Maggie

It is a good stone manufactory, as I know.


Note: what we produce are stone diamond tools.

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