Pennsylvania flagstone as a heat shield for walls surrounding a wood stove.

by Mike
(Maryland, USA)

Hi, my wife and I are looking to use 1/2" thick PA flagstone on the walls around our wood stove. The sections would be 2'x2', drilled out in the corners about 2" in from each corner, mounted to the wall with ceramic 1" spacers, and at least 1" off the ground (with supports for the weight).

The question I have revolves around whether or not PA flagstone can handle the heat (and not crack). My local supplier of the flagstone said that he wasn't sure, but he does know that flagstone is not suitable for direct flames. He said that would make the stone 'pop'. I took that as meaning that the stone would crack. But investigation on the internet brings me to believe that it is more of a texture thing than a cracking of the stone.

So, my real question to you is if you know if heat from a wood stove (say 18" away) would crack or pop the flagstone. Or if only a direct flame would crack or pop the flagstone. Of course, I'm not looking for it to crack or pop...quite the opposite. I'm looking for it to be a heat shield from a combustible wall.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I appreciate it.


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