by Arturo Romo-Martinez
(10812 Childs St Silver Spring, Maryland. 20901)

I ordered one copy of your installation cd. but I have not received. it I cheked my credit card history and the founds were taken of my account..

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joints crack up
by: David

We've heard of people doing it, but eventually the joints crack out.

If you do it, make sure that the sand underneath is compacted very well. Every couple of years, you'll probably have to cut out and replace the joints.

Great luck!


by: Gerald

I am in process of beginning my 600sf patio. I have been researching many sites for all the expert advice I can get. I have poured cement foundations for homes, driveways and side walks over my 62 years. I have a few questions I would like some advice on from the pros out there since Iā€™m not as bright as I once thought I was.

I live in Mesquite, TX and the area of the yard where the patio is going is connecting from my pool with a gradual slope (2/4ā€/ 4ā€™) towards the fence. I am planning on using Flagstone for the finish work. I know that laying the FS over concrete slab is the strongest and best way. For the cost of it, can anyone see why I could not compact sand and mortar in the joints? Or do you think I will be paying for it later?

sorry about that
by: David

Dear Arturo,

I'm sorry that you didn't receive your DVD. It ships from Film Baby, a major distributor.

My records show that it shipped on November 11th. I'm not sure what happened, but I can ship one again if you need.

Let me know your exact address and I'll get one shipped out to you.

Take care,


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