old farmhouse flagstone foundation

I have a old farmhouse and water is getting under the house through the loose stone. How can I fix that problemm, and should I also put in some vents so that way the crawl space can get some air circulation? Thank you for your time

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some work
by: David

We can only think of one solution that involves many steps.

First, you need to dig away the dirt from your foundation.

Secondly, you need to clean off the dirt from the stone in order for the new concrete to adhere to the stone. You need the new concrete to be at least two inches thick like plastering a wall.

Lastly, you need to apply a foundation sealer after you have let the concrete cured. It is the same material that people use on all concrete foundations in order to seal them.

Since we can't see the job, we're unable to say definitely, so you should consult other sources.

Great luck!!

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