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I reset my flagstone walkway two years ago. The stones are set in a mortar bed on top of an existing concrete walkway. Everything has been fine but the stone on the edge came loose and lost the seal with the mortar bed.

How do I reset it when the adjacent stones are still in place, including the adjacent joints?

I have chipped away a great deal of the mortar bed under the stone that came loose but I am afraid to chip out the adjacent joints and knock the other stones out. Is there any way to set it back in place and have it bond to the existing joints? Or do I have to chip away the joints? (this seems dangerous as it could cause a chain reaction where I end up knocking more stones loose and having to chip out more joints...)

Please help. Thank you.

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You might need a saw
by: David

You should be able to slowly chip away at the joints and not disturb any other stone. My dad has replaced a lot of stone and you should be able to do it without much complication.

You are right about chipping out the base mortar and it you have to, you could rent a diamond blade saw to cut out the joints exactly. This free video will help you see how we do it:

This free video will show you how to lay the stone back in:

I hope that helps you out.

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