my posts for heartland......

by Loren Frederick Heartland

Hi David??

I'm wondering if I could edit my posts as I noticed after enjoying your site more that there are dealers advertising with you already that are authorized sellers of our stone.. I would love to do some editing or starting over with my posts. then I could post more pictures of completed jobs also.... but i'm in a bit of a bind on the current wordings as it might relate to already advertising on your site dealers in our network..... also I tried pay it forward and couldn't figure out how to reimburse you some on your site for posts and future posts.....let me know...we love stone thank you just let me know how to edit or even clear me so i can start over..

Comments for my posts for heartland......

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I'll clear it for you
by: David

Hi Loren,

I deleted your submissions. I'm not charging anybody to post on our site because I'm happy to help people find the stone that they're looking for.

I'm a school teacher and so I don't have any time to investigate stone.

I'm going to start a new stone page where stoneyards can upload pictures and quickly comment on recent jobs that they did.

It's basically free advertising for stoneyards and people can get ideas for their landscaping. Right now I'm getting over 1000 unique visitors a day, so it should yield some sales for you.

I'll announce it in my newsletter in a couple of weeks, so make sure you sign up for it.

Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

Take care,


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