Multi-Colored Grout

by Karen S
(Hershey, Pennsylvania)

Hello -

My story is very long with a flagstone patio that has been installed and removed and uninstalled several times by my builder / contractor that the builders employed. This time, the grout is 'multi-colored'. Meaning the grout was installed all in one day however in some areas it looks white and in others gray even when it is all wet. I have given it two and a half weeks to cure, assuming that the darker areas could not have cured to the right color yet. However the fact that it is a different color even after soaking rain makes me think it will never be all one color. Can you please help me to:
1. Understand if I am wrong, and it may all be one color at some point.
2. If not, why would it be multi-colored - what did they do wrong?

I am extremely frustrated right now and am not sure if I am being unreasonable because this is normal.

Please see the image - the whole patio is like that with some areas having great concentrations of lighter color than others. (The picture shows it wet first thing in the morning after all night of rain.


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