Montana moss rock sandstone for building and landscape- thin veneer, boulders, etc..

by Sam Keaster
(Belt, Montana)

Mountain Moss (Thin Veneer, 1-3

Mountain Moss (Thin Veneer, 1-3

Mountain Moss (Thin Veneer, 1-3
Mountain Moss Thin Veneer Chimney
Mountain Moss (Thin Veneer, 1-3

Beautiful Montana Moss Rock-thin veneer, 1-3", 3-6", boulders, birdbaths etc.. perfect for masonry and landscaping projects.

Hand picked from the fields of Central Montana. The perfect stone for that rustic, mountain look that lends itself to Old World and Lodge architecture.

We can ship anywhere in North America. Competitive pricing!

Call Sam at 406-781-1505.

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