Looking for Blue Stone in the Central Kentucky Area

by Greg
(Danville, KY)

I am in the market for 1.5 to 2 inch thick blue or varigated blue flagstone for my patio I am building in Danville, KY. I read on this site that there are some beautiful blue colored stones found in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee so I am hoping someone gets back with me on this! Please email me at tuneman@hotmail.com. Thanks, Greg

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TRACY'S Sand & Gravel NEW
by: Anonymous

Tracy's has it all check out their website www.tracysandandgravel.com

by: Anonymous


Bluestone is available in New york state. E-mail if still looking for Bluestone @ pggyfrzr@yahoo.com.


by: Anonymous

Their in Frankfort,Ky not to far from you they keep alot bluestone on hand ,website tracysandandgravel.com

Owner/D&D Stone Brokers
by: Don

Gentlemen, I have several types of Blue Stone available for purchase. Please call me at either 803-391-8125/office or 803-270-1673/cell and I can provide you with all you want. Thank You..

KY Blue Stone
by: Anonymous

I was curious if you found any stone to purchase?
I am looking for some as well and I am located in Southern KY near Bowling Green.

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