Looking for 25 cubic yards of patio stone/flagstone

by Tim
(George West, Texas)

I am looking for the best price on flagstone material to do a patio with. It is a 65 x65 foot area, or around 25 cubic yards...We will most likely pick it up...Thanks

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Flagstone prices
by: Anonymous

Our company is located in southwest Louisiana. The flagstone we carry comes from Oklahoma. Flagstone price is by the pound. The area you are covering is about 4,300 sq.ft. Flagstone coverage is about 115-130 sq.ft. per ton.

Our flagstone starts at .12 cents per pound, depending on the thickness.

We can ship directly to you from the quarry or have it shipped to our facility in La. and have you pick it up..obviously it would be cheaper for you to have it delivered directly to you. Colors are multi-blend(light tan-chocolate) or blue/gray/brown.

Please call us for other information.

I've got your Flagstone st best priced
by: Msrk Beegle

Hi I am the owner of MID=Life Stone Works LLC in Sullivan County PA. I can beat anyone prices just tell us what your budget is and we'll go from there.

If interested 570.721.1350 or 570.928.8802

Hope to do business with you.


Mark Beegle

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