laying quartzite stone

by Jim Marker
(San Diego Ca.)

I just purchased your video on laying flagstone, and I would like to know if laying the stone quartz would be the same ? as I believe quartz is a harder product and the top of quartz tends to be more irregular than the softer flagstones ie highs and lows, so it would seem to be harder to lay the string line and have it lay flat and true for your fall? I would like to know if mixing Portland cement and Masonary sand about 50-50 putting into the joints and then lightly misting will work instead of wet motor and sand? I have heard of gator dust, but is so expensive for a joint filler is there anything else that is premixed that sweeps into joints that will work?

Thanks in advance Jim

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a little tough
by: David

Dear Jim,

With uneven stone, you're going to have to find your two most uneven stones. Put one on the top of your patio and the other at the end of your patio. Run a line between the two and then start to slide the other stones under the line to make sure they clear the line by at least 1/4 of an inch. If they all clear, then you'll be able to lay them in cement. It might take a while, but then you'll know that you have a fall.

As far as the joints, we've never seen misting. It might work, but we're unable to comment on it. There's really not much mixing involved by doing it the traditional way. Joints don't take too much cement and you'll know it's done right. If you're laying your stones in sand, then you should fill the joints with sand. That way your joints won't crack.

I hope that helps you.

Great luck!

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