Laying Flagstones onto concrete floor in black and white cottage


We live in a black and white cottage and about 40 years ago the previous owners dug up all of the flagstone and dotted them around the garden and stuck them on the fireplace!!

They laid down a concrete floor over soil and a dpm made of plastic - there may be some sand amongst the soil. We laid down carpet 20 years ago but are now considering laying down flagstones. We have been quoted a horrendous amount of money to dig the floor up - across the lounge, hallway and dining room, suggesting digging down 1 foot and then insulating etc and then laying down underfloor heating and flagstones. However, it has been suggested to us that we could screed the existing concrete floor as there is no damp and then lay the flagstones on top. What would your advice be? We cannot afford the disruption of digging up the floor or the expense and if this were the only option we would have to give up and revert back to carpet or Karndean Art Select limestone effect floor tiles.

I look forward to hearing from you asap

Kind regards

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you could do it
by: David

Dear RV,

As long as the concrete underneath has not broken up too much, you could lay flagstone on top. Most of the jobs my dad did were to lay flagstone over existing concrete.

When there are too many cracks in the concrete, my dad will lay metal lathe over the slabs and ramset the lathe between the concrete slabs. That ties the whole pad together.

Keep in mind that if there are cracks underneath, then you'll probably get those cracks in the same spots in your flagstone. That's the area where settling is going on.

Not to plug our video, but it might be worth it to you to pay the $15 to see it. In the video, we laid the stone over a 40 year old concrete slap. We ramsetted some metal lathe, so you'll get to see how that's done.

You can check it out here:

We also have a free article that could give you some insight:

Bottom line, if your concrete foundation is strong, then you can lay flagstone on top.

Great luck with your project!

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