Laying flagstone in newly poured walkway

by Brian Alten
(Sheffield Lake, Ohio)

Good morning, I have a question about laying flagstone. I used your site extensively to lay a flagstone patio over the summer, it turned out very nice and thank you for all of the information! I layed the stone on a concrete pad that I had poured last year and used your mortar mix to lay the stone.

My question is this, although it is getting late in the year and temperatures are in the 40's-50's here in northeast ohio, I am having a friend who owns a concrete company pour a new walkway (a previously dirt path.) My father wants to lay the stone in the pathway while it is still wet. I rather wait till the spring and lay the flagstone the way the patio is done but he seems to think his way is the right way. Any thought and opinion would be great.

Thank you,

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by: Brian

Thanks, I ended up trumping his idea of laying it in the wet cement and just had the walkway poured. It was less than 40 the other day and will definately wait till spring to lay the flag. Thanks again

I wouldn't lay the stone that way
by: David

Dear Brian,

I'm glad our info could help you out!

We've received e-mails from people asking about laying the stone down while the cement is wet. We've never seen it done or received any pictures of it. Maybe it's possible?

However, I think it would be very, very difficult. How do you lift the stone again if it gets too depressed? Or, if you have to go back and clean it if you get a little mortar on it?

If your dad can do it, we would love to get pictures and tell people about that option. If you really want to do it, test it on a small area and see how it goes.

Great luck with your project and thanks for the picture!!


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