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"Being a landscape architect for over 30 years has helped me learn what to do with flagstone"
We have done more flagstone and masonry work for Randy Randolph than anybody else. My dad met Randy in 1974, when I was only 5, and has been doing work for him from Colorado to Arizona.Randy graduated from the University of Wisconsin and has done everything from large-scale commercial projects to quaint condominiums. He's won awards from the Associated Landscape Contractors to the American Society of Landscape and has been featured in Sunset magazine.

We interviewed him recently to get his view on what looks good with flagstone, how to pick a landscape architect, and issues that will help you with your outdoor project.

Here are a couple of examples of jobs that he's designed and his firm built.

This article will be broken up into two pages. This page will be about what to look for in a landscape architect and the next page will be about the costs of an architect and particular projects.

landscape architect

landscape architect 2

Randy is a big believer in treating every site differently. There are no magic formulas with landscape design.

For that reason, he takes clients to his past jobs, so that they get a "feel" for his style. He stresses that you should always see the portfolio of a landscape architect.

On top of that, you also need to have a good relationship with the architect. It is easy to clash with a designer when you both have different visions.

Also make sure that your designer consults an engineer, because your backyard might have issues that need to be addressed in the design. For example, we have a lot of bentonite in Colorado and that causes the ground to swell. A flagstone patio could be torn apart if a designer doesn't know where to put it.

We found an excellent garden design and landscaping ideas site that can help you to design gardens around our flagstone. Design Gardens contains step by step guidance to make designing easy and a lot of fun. With a garden design from and our flagstone, you can also have an award-winning garden!

Here are some answers to typical questions about a landscape architect for you:

Do you really need a landscape architect?

An architect will not only help you with your design, he/she will also help you with water conservation and developing an area requiring low maintenance. That will eventually translate into long-term savings.

Is your project too small for a designer?

Few jobs are too small for one. An architect can design an environement that is beautiful, sensitive to the environment, and retains those qualities in the future, saving the owner future renovation and problem solving expenditures.

Randy has done many small courtyards and yards and the results are worth the extra fee.

How much do architects charge?

That will be answred on the next page.

How do you find a Designer?

1. Ask allied professionals and trades people. They know who is good and who is a "fly-by-night."

2. Find places you admire and inquire who designed it. Owners love to share who composed their outdoor creations.

Below is Hans and Randy enjoying the Golden Years.

landscape architect 5

Below are more examples of Randy's creations.

landscape architect 6

landscape architect 7

Here Are Some Of The Costs of A Landscape Architect!

Here Is An Important Tip With Design!

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