Interior stone floor sealer

by stan
(Grand Lake, Colorado)

I have an interior stone floor, similar to flagstone, believe it is from either Montana or Ariz. Its laid over gypcrete, due to in floor heating. I have sealed it 3 times since it was put down in August of 2006. I used a product by DuPont, called DuPont StoneTech Professional, Heavy Duty Sealer, water-based for natural stone, professional grade, each time I sealed it. The stone is not flat, has a lot of irregularities to its surface, with concrete grout seams, it is dark in comparison to flagstone with a lot of deep purple, red, bluish black etc.. Anyway, my wife wants a shiny, wet look for appearance as well as cleaning, I have seen your comments about not using "wet look" finishes but my wife continues to persist! Is there any product you are familiar with that work to achieve the look and cleaning capabilities she wants? Thanks in advance. Regards,

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Interior wet look NEW
by: Anonymous

Im looking for similar profuct referals and guidanve.

Whats up experts?? I have heard not to use impregnators on flagstone, ie no acrylics.

KSheldon of LJ Waters,llc

Cleaning indoor flagstone in Minneapolis NEW
by: Grace

We need to find a reliable contractor to clean and reseal our indoor flagstone flooring. Can you help us?

not yet
by: David

We still get that question a lot, but we haven't found a product yet that won't cause efflorescence.

It could be out there, but we haven't heard about it. If you find it, please let us know so we can recommend it to other people.

Great luck!


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