Installing Flagstone is Done a Totally Different Way at Taliesin ....

"...where Frank Lloyd Wright Architects work, study and teach! Installing Flagstone at Taliesin is a craft done by students who have never laid stone before."

I was invited to spend Easter at Taliesin and was fascinated by the stone work done there.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a big believer in "Organic" Design. In other words, he felt that a building or house should only be constructed with the materials found in that particular region where the structure is being built.

Take a look at the entrance of Taliesin and you'll see what I mean.

installing flagstoneThe stone comes from Arizona and is installed in a genius way.

I talked with an architect who lived on Taliesin for many years about installing flagstone and other materials.

He told me that Frank Lloyd Wright felt that it was very important that architects be trained on every facet of building. That included working in the kitchen, so an apprentice knew what a cook needs, to installing windows, building tents, doing carpentry work, electrical, and of course laying and installing stone and flagstone.

Wright came up with the idea of building normal concrete forms and filling them with great looking stone and concrete. However, instead of having the concrete wet, the concrete is very dry. The concrete can be moved around very easily inside the forms, so the mason can choose which part of the stone to expose.

By The Way, We Use Dry Cement When We Tuck Mortar In Our Flagstone Joints!

It's too hard to explain everything in words, so I'm going to try to film it next time I'm in Arizona and post it on the sight so you can see how to install the stone.

I just love the idea of taking stone laid by beginners and it being some of the best looking walls in America.

Take a look at the wall below!

installing flagstone 2

The wall is completely different by just putting in a circular piece of wood with some gorgeous paint. Simple, unique, and gorgeous!

There is just too much for me to say and display in one article. More pictures and words are coming!

I just thought it was a great example of how installing flagstone, stone, and other materials can be done by just about anybody and come out looking, not only great, but completely different from anything else. 

installing flagstone 3

And even more simple is concrete pads with gravel rock between them. Looks great as well!

For free flagstone installation videos, click here!

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