How much cement to buy?

by Connie DesOrmeaux
(Carencro, LA)

We purchased the flagstone installation DVD and it has been very helpful. I will purchase the Holcim cement this afternoon on my way home from work. I have forgotten my notes at home and cannot remember how many bags to buy. On the video you gave a supply list for a small 100 sq. foot job. If memory serves me well, I think you estimated 5 bags. Our project is 80 sq. feet. Can you please email the amount I should buy? Thanks,

Connie DesOrmeaux

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start with 5
by: David

Dear Connie,

Thanks for the compliment! That really makes my dad feel great that he can help people out.

You can start with 5 and see how it goes. Sometimes you need more mortar and sometimes less. It all depends on how much you need to slope and adjust to your concrete pad underneath.

Great luck with your project and if you'd like, we'd love for you to upload a picture of your creation here:

Take care,


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