Hairline Crack in Piece of Flagstone used for Patio

by Jeff
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

We just had a flagstone patio installed. I noticed that one of the pieces has a hairline crack in it. The landscaper doing the install said that this is not a problem, but I am concerned that the crack may get worse in the winter with moisture getting in there and freezing/thawing. Should I insist that this piece be replaced, or is it natural for flagstone to be installed with a hairline crack on the surface?

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it depends
by: David

Dear Jeff,

If the piece was laid with a crack in it, then it should be replaced. My dad always made sure to lay solid pieces. It's not that hard to do. My dad had to do that every now and then when a stone settled more than expected. He can just cut out the joints and lay a new piece. That's sometimes the nature of stone.

If it happened over time, then that is a pretty natural thing because the stone will crack where there is settlement underneath. Usually it's not a problem, because any moisture that gets in will evaporate out fairly quickly.

However, you need to make sure that you use a quality sealer on your stone. That is the best protection to keep your stone patio lasting for years and decades.

I hope that helps you out. Great luck with your project!


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