grouting flagstone for your projects

Grouting flagstone can be a little messy and there are a few tricks that we picked up over the years that should help you out.  

If you just want to see how we do it, check out the free videos below.  In the first video, we show you how we mix the mortar and tuck it in.

The mortar is a mixture of 2 parts masonry sand and 1 part Portland Type I-II cement.

My dad is an "old-school" mason so he likes tucking the cement instead of using a grout bag.  Many masons fill joints between the flagstones using a grout bag. We've used grout bags before and we like tucking better.  Grout bags can be quicker and the cement is more wet instead of being dry like you saw in the video.

One of the most important aspects is sponging well.  When you are filling joints, it is real easy to make a mess.  Therefore, take your time and sponge the joints and the stone too.

In the second 4 minute video, we show you how we sponge stone.

What is also very important is to make sure that your joints are clean.  Many times old cement or dirt is situated in the joints.  Those elements will cause your new mortar to break up and you'll have to replace your joints earlier than expected.  

To see how we cut out and clean out the joints, you can check out our free video by clicking here.  

We also have many other free flagstone installation resources here.

Great luck with your project!

I also made a page to give you more tips about grouting and tucking flagstone.  

We will have many more tips and tricks for you about flagstone installation and incorporating stone into you landscape, so make sure to sign up for our free newsletter below!

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