Grout question

by Caroline Smith
(Leawood, KS)

Pic of mortared flagstone walkway

Pic of mortared flagstone walkway

We have been following your instructions with great success on our flagstone walkway, having just completed the cutting/placement/mortaring of the flagstone. Now we are ready to grout and have some questions. Your instructions say to mix 2 parts Masonry Sand to 1 part Portland 1/2 Cement. We purchased bags of each and are wondering if we mix these dry or do we add any water? It looks like on your video that you had a mixture similar to your grout, then just added extra sand. Also, do we add any lime? Someone told us that if we don't add lime to the grout then it will dry too fast.

Finally, we want to add some charcoal grey dye to the grout mix so that we have a dark grey grout. Do you know the ratio of dye to the grout mix?


Caroline Smith

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