Frustrated with red breeze making a mess after a rain on a flagstone patio

by David
(Conifer, Co)

I just had installed a dry red flagstone patio. The flagstone was installed dry over red breeze with red breeze between the stones. The trouble I am having is that the red breeze keeps washing out after a rain all over the flagstone making a mess. Is there a way I can put on some kind of hardener on top of the installed red breeze between the flagstone to keep the breeze in place?

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Breeze vs' gator dust for flagstone patio joints in Denver CO NEW
by: mamafli

Hi I am needing advice. We are going to have a flagstone patio installed in the front yard a step down from our porch. I was planning on using Breeze between the stones in the grout joints (1" joint size). I am hearing about Gator Dust as another option. I believe it's more expensive than Breeze and I like the look of Breeze and the red color to match the stone. The patio will be in a shaded area but does can get a lot of rain, snow melt. Please advise whether to use Breeze or Gator Dust.

polymeric sand or another stabilizer
by: David

Dear David,

I got a similar question about a month ago, so I'll redirect you to it.

Just copy and paste the url above into your address bar and the answer will come up.

You basically can use polymeric sand or a stabilizer. Give Camp Stone a call at 303-429-3357 or try Rio Grande at (303) 825-2211.

We haven't used these products before, because they are fairly new.

I hope that helps you out.

Great luck!


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