Freeze Thaw question -Great Video Guys

by Ben Meyer
(St. Louis MO)

Good Afternoon,

I recently purchased and watched your video laying flagstone Patios. I own a small landscape company in the St. Louis area and I am looking to start a few of these flagstone patios. I think I am going to try my first patio at my own home. After viewing your website I found you are much more knowledgeable than any other source. I like things done properly so I have done my homework on proper flagstone patio installation. I am very confident I can do a good job but I have one question. What about freeze/Thaw cycles? I know sealing the stone and getting proper fall on the patio are the keys to keeping the stone from popping off or cracking, but is that always enough? In St. Louis winter can be very taxing on our landscapes.

Thanks for taking my questions and thank you for making such an excellent video.

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you should be ok
by: David

Dear Ben,

Thanks so much for the compliment!! It really makes my dad happy to be able to share his knowledge and help people out.

We live in Denver and probably have a more extreme freeze-thaw condition than most places, because in the winter we could have 50 degrees one day and 10 degrees the next.

If you use a quality cement, sealer, and drainage, then you shouldn't have any problems--at least we haven't.

We've never laid anything in St. Louis, so I can't say for sure. You should ask some stone yards in your area. They usually have a pretty good handle on local conditions.

Great luck!

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