by Steve McGregor
(Ottawa, Canada)

Hello, seeking advice around a problem with indoor flag stone that was cleaned/burned with javex, there is a lot of gum stuck to the surface, (in a bar); how do we clean it up and maybe apply some kind of finish; we're open to a controlled damage approach, maybe go at it with a wire brush grinder attachment. the stone is white now, but is probably undamaged under the gum.

Any suggestions?

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hard to say
by: David

Hi Steve,

It's hard to say without seeing exactly what the gum is or looks like. I'm also not familiar with Javex.

I looked at the Prosoco site and found a solution called 800 Stain Remover. My dad has never used it, so we can't comment on whether that's the right product. You should go to this page:

and take a look at their products. Better yet, you should call them at 1-800-255-4255. They are friendly on the phone and might have the best solution for your problem.

After you remove the gum, you do want to put on a quality sealer. Prosoco can help you with that too.

Great luck!


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