Flagstones that look old?

I'm rebuilding an old flagstone walk, and need only a few pieces to replace broken ones, maybe 5 or 6 max. What's there now is a mix of gray, blue, red, and aqua, of the shiny texture. At first, was afraid the filler stones would look too new, but having trouble even finding retail places on Long Island. Got flagstones?

Mary Y. (Lynbrook)

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by: Mary

Finished the project using drab colors. Tempted to get some red and aqua anyway, if handy enuf. Where are you?


Did you ever find your old flagstone?
by: Deb

I have about 100sq ft of multicolored (red, blue, aqua) flagstone from a house built in the 70's and might be what you are looking for. Let me know, email me at ddehpenn@optonline.net

PA Flagstone
by: mark Beegle

Mary please check out this website http://MID-Lifestoneworks.com

and give us a call we can handle your stone needs..


Mark Beegle

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